2018 Speakers

Candace Johnson

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Candace Johnson will speak on “Personal Responsibility in the Age of Disruption”. Looking back on her entrepreneurial initiatives, such as founder/co-founder of SES, Loral Teleport Europe, Europe Online, the Global Telecom Women’s Network and today her involvement with NorthStar, KAcific - Oceania Women’s Network Satellite and EBAN (European Business Angels Network), Ms. Johnson credits a sense of personal responsibility as the impetus to launch all of these companies, organisations, and activities.

Jeremy Spiller is a trainer and speaker with 23 years of experience in the digital sector. He is a visiting lecturer at multiple Universities and Business Schools globally (a visiting professor of Digital marketing at EDHEC Business School). Jeremy Spiller is a trainer for the Google Digital Academy and has wide experience in training corporates such as Microsoft and IBM at all levels and in specific topics related to the digital world. He is passionate about training, sharing knowledge and improving the expertise of people worldwide.

Jeremy Spiller

Digital Expert

Bill Faust

Personal Branding Consultant

Bill Faust co-authored the International Bestseller ‘Pitch Yourself’ that has been published in 67 countries and translated in numerous languages, including French, Chinese, and Spanish. He has spent most of his corporate career in the international communications industry and work in London, Paris, Sydney and New York working with clients including BT, Campbell’s, Mars, Alfa Romeo. He then went client side to work as the Marketing Director UK and Europe for GE Insurance Holdings. He now spends much of his time lecturing at leading global business schools including EDHEC (FR), Sheffield (UK),) IMD (CH), Queensland University (AUS), Oxford SAID (UK), Rotterdam School of Management (NL) MIT (USA), to mention a few. Bill’s articles on effective self marketing have been published in the Financial Times, Times, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan as well as numerous places online and on the BBC.

Omer Casher has a PhD in Chemistry, 20+ years of healthcare experience, and is passionate about preventative health. He joined SIME in 2015 as COO/CTO and is responsible for the H2020-funded commercialisation of a novel laboratory-developed diagnostic for use at the point-of- care. Prior to the start of his entrepreneurial journey 6 years ago, he headed up Medical Imaging Informatics at the GSK Clinical Imaging Centre where he delivered a Big Data infrastructure supporting imaging clinical trials. Omer Casher has extensive experience in leading complex projects particularly involving machine learning. When not working or mentoring future entrepreneurs, he enjoys travelling, yoga, cooking and Argentine tango.

Problème d'affichage

Omer Casher

Healthcare & Technology Innovator

Mickaël Dufourneaud

Process Communication Expert

Mickaël Dufourneaud is an actor for over 15 years and trainer for 10 years now. He was responsible for the personal development range at Docendi from 2007 to 2011. Working today as an independent, he works with various companies around international projects, as much in support, design, animation or implementation. Themes: stress management, self-image, leadership, management, communication, conflict management, emotions, matrix issues, convincing speech or charisma.

James Rick Stinson is a world traveling life and business strategist, vitaliarian, author, entrepreneur, changing, heart clearing, social systems designer, creator of Coravida World helping others realize their Full Potential.

James Rick Stinson

Life Coach & Mr. Full Potential

Francis Bacquet

IT Expert & Lille Locale

Francis Bacquet is a French engineer, living in Villeneuve d’Ascq, France. He worked in the digital industry as a developer for over a decade and has had many experiences and interesting roles. As a Lille locale himself, he will be sharing ideas that are generated right here to inspire young minds.

Serge Macé, Ph.D, is Professor of Economics and Coordinator of the Economics and Finance courses for the EDHEC Master programmes. His research mostly deals with Behavioral Economics, and in particular with the concept of reference point that people use to make their judgement. He has recently published two papers in the field: "the curse of hope" in Theory and Decision (2017) and "Un faible espoir de guérison est-il toujours une bonne chose" (Revue Française d'économie, 2016). Serge Macé also possesses wide teaching experience of Economics at the university level. He has been awarded two prizes for pedagogical excellence.

Serge Mace

Professor of Economics

Hugo Chatel


Hugo chatel is a 22 years old student in Lyon convinced that it is possible to give more independence, more freedom and more empowerment to employees. That’s why he and Francois Force undertook a trip around the world to meet men and women that are reinventing management for today and tomorrow. He has a vision of setting up his own business and this adventure helped to answer questions and explore possibilities in empowering people.

Francois Force is a 22 year old student of EDHEC Business School who has travelled the world looking for the most innovative and disruptive management practices. With Hugo Chatel, he was able to meet the women and men that are building the management for today and tomorrow. He was able to go on this uncertain adventure to discover many interesting practices and things around the world and is convinced that the most fulfilling way to achieve success is together. True to his values and the people he loves, he is always looking for new challenges and human adventures.

Francois Force

EDHEC Student