2019 Speakers

A multi-cultural global citizen, Shirley LIU holds British and Taiwanese dual citizenships, grew up in Thailand, is UK- and US- educated and a Parisienne at heart. Such unique perspective underlines her 13-year international marketing career with FT500 companies L'Oréal and Estée Lauder in the United Kingdom, France and the Asia-Pacific region.
In addition to her corporate role, Shirley devotes significant personal time as a millennials mentor and psychology advocate, empowering young professionals to contemplate the alignment of their personal calling, dreams and career ambitions early in life.
In each authentic dialogue, Shirley turns a figurative mirror to her audience and poses soul-stirring questions that reconnects individuals with their noblest self and deepest motivations: Finding the Purpose for Being, at work and in life.
Shirley's personal quote : "To reach one’s dreams, one has to wake up first. If you choose unconsciously, you evolve unconsciously. If you choose consciously, you evolve consciously. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
Carl Jung.

"I take every minute on this earth as a chance and I do my best to take this chance and turn it into actions. This is how I live my life, everyday and the mindset in which I wake up every morning.
I am the Learning Director in an Edtech startup, 360Learning (Digital Learning Platform). I believe that education and learning can be the answer to many issues of our world. I am also the co-founder of Manger Citoyen, a NGO. As citizens, we have the power to change the world by eating different. Manger Citoyen aims to gather citizens in order to create a new alimentary democracy. The power is in our plates !
I like to think I am also the entrepreneur of my own life. I am an Edhec Alumni (Edhec 2013) and I had the chance to live and work in New-York and Brazil for few years."
Laura's personal quote: "Live as if you will die tomorrow, but learn as if you will live forever" “The future is now”.

As an international student in France, I’ve had a hard time understanding subtle nuances in French. I’ve spent my stay here perfecting my French and have tried several techniques before I’ve finally succeeded in acquiring proficiency in the language. I’ve noticed how speaking someone’s language as a non-native speaker, approaches me to the person on an emotional level. This emotional connection accounts for long lasting relationships and meaningful friends.
I like making friends from different cultural backgrounds and this fuels my urge to perfect my French. Before my international journey, I would write letters to pen pals to hear about their lives and their perspective on mundane aspects. Languages are the ultimate icebreakers! If you do it right, it will help you access relationships that matter."
Joshua's personal quote : "If you can't change it, quit complaining. Channel your creativity into a skill set that you can change."

After 2 entrepreneur experiences in the food and funeral industries, Amine worked in different environment (Luxury, CPG, software) holding positions in Strategy, Sales, and Operations. He is now managing the Business Development of Emerging Markets within Salesforce and is a coach for GenY & GenZ fellows through Coachyz practise.
AMINE's personal quote : "We hold 2 lifes. The second one begins when you understand you only have 1."

"I am a dreamer who decided that dreams were there to be realized. I’am 26 years old, I am an entrepreneur in the field of learning technologies. I created Mooky Skills almost four years ago, with the goal of changing the paradigm of success in learning. The idea I came with was to have a platform that creates 7,125 billion paths to reach a skill based on the user's cognitive profile and using all existing educational resources.
I grew up between the suburbs of Paris where I followed all my schooling and forge my first fights and Algerian culture in which I was raised thanks to my parent’s origine and gave me a brighter view of inequality in education. I quickly wanted to change things at my level, I’ve been a municipal councilor for youth of my city for 4 years for example. My entrepreneurial adventure begins when I stopped my BTS Assistant's Director to create my own school around entrepreneurship and learning topics. That's why I spent the 6 past years helping organization solving learning problems, creating learning methods and process and asking more and more question about learning."

Born and raised in Tunisia, Youssef is a citizen of the world who has lived in 3 different countries. Optimistic and passionate to the core, this Business Development Representative at Wibbitz is keen on personal development and therefore truly believes in one’s ability to change their mindset in order to achieve the life they have always wanted and the dreams they still pursue. He aims at helping people around him to fulfill their own personal goals and contributes in fiercely empowering them by constantly sharing his eager interest in both self-help books and self-improvement skills through his Instagram feed.

Bertrand Monnet is Professor at EDHEC, holder of the EDHEC Chair Criminal risks management. He regularly conducts field surveys in Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Serbia, Albania, Italy, Japan and China. He has published several articles and one book on the criminal risks threatening private companies (Les Nouveaux Pirates de l’entreprise, CNRS Editions). He has made a TV Documentary (Pirates, menace sur le commerce mondial - Canal+). He graduated in the French military Academy of Saint-Cyr. Before joining the EDHEC Faculty, he has been an officer in the French Army and then consultant in risk management.

“I am currently a Managing Director at Nova Consulting, a boutique strategy and marketing consulting firm. I am dedicating a significant part of my time at Nova in developing our Lab, pushing innovation, hackathons and Tech Tours. Prior to joining Nova, I spent more than 20 years at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and led at BCG two global practices: financial technology and blockchain. Over the last 10 years, I mainly covered the financial sector (banking and insurance) with a focus on digital and innovation.”